Register as a Nintendo Developer

Register for access to Nintendo developer tools and resources to create and publish games and applications for current Nintendo platforms.
Resources are provided for multiple development environments including HTML5, Unity and native C++ software development.

Please note that the sale of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U development hardware has been discontinued.
Development for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U is only possible for those who have already purchased development hardware.

If you are interested in Nintendo Switch development and publishing resources you may apply for access by filling out the Nintendo Switch Access Request form that you will find in the GETTING STARTED section after registering on this site.
Please enter your development experience history and information on your planned project in the request.

If you register as a company, the person who applied for the registration will act as the administrator of the organization's account inside the Nintendo Developer Portal and will be able to add other users accounts under the same organization.
The administrator can be changed after registration. Please do not register the same organization multiple times.

If you register as an individual, you will not be able to add other users to your organization.
Other than this limitation on user management, there is no difference from registering as a company.


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In order to use this site, JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled.

Does Your Company Already Have an Account?


If your company already has a Nintendo developer account on this website (or in NDID / OMAS) contact your organization administrator to create your account.


New Account?


No current account with Nintendo? Whether you are an indie developer, a large publisher, a tool developer, a localization company or anybody else in the business of making video games, start with the registration below. An account will be established and an administrator will be assigned.

Individual developers only need personal information to register. Larger developers will need to enter additional information for the organization administrator and a company officer.