1. Create Your Account

    Enter the required information on the developer registration form to become a registered game developer for Nintendo platforms.

  2. Prepare for Nintendo Development

    Sign in to the portal using your new account and accept the Non-Disclosure Agreement and Terms of Service to gain access to platform SDKs, developer support, and more information on how to get started.
    Access to Nintendo Switch information requires a separate application after registration.

  3. Create Your Game

    To help you develop your game, Nintendo provides plenty of documents for each platform.Those are a good starting point if you encounter any problem.
    If something is unclear or not covered by the documentation, on the portal you will find the Forums sections (in Japanese and English) where you can ask for help from the Nintendo software development support or other developers.
    Your experience is also welcome!

  4. Prepare to Sell Your Game

    When your game nears completion, you can start preparations for the release of your game: sign a publishing agreement, obtain an age rating, and submit your game for review by Nintendo.

    Before you can publish your product, you'll need to submit it to Nintendo for reviewing.
    This process is necessary to ensure that the game can be safely played and conforms to Nintendo production standards. It is a good idea to keep in mind the Nintendo guidelines during the entire development process!

  5. Submit Your PR Materials

    Once you are ready to launch your game, you can provide Nintendo with all of the necessary promotional material so that we can prepare your new game's page on the eShop and online catalogs.

  6. Sell Your Game!

    Once you've released your game, we can give you the necessary tools to provide post-launch support for your product, whether this takes the form of downloadable content, updates to the game to fix issues, or price promotions.


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