1. Do I need to be of legal age to register?

    Yes. Unfortunately, minors cannot register for the Nintendo Developer Portal.

  2. Do I have to be a company or have a certain level of development experience?

    No, the Nintendo Developer Portal is for anyone interested in developing software for Nintendo platforms. No prior development experience is required.

  3. How does publishing my content on the Nintendo eShop work? Who gets to control the price, release date and promotional materials?

    As the developer, the price, release date and content are all set by you.

  4. Is this Nintendo’s indie developer program?

    No, this is Nintendo’s one and only developer program. The Nintendo Developer Portal is for all Nintendo developers regardless of their size or experience.

  5. How much does it cost to develop on Nintendo platforms?

    Registering for the portal and downloading the tools is completely free, and if you’re releasing a digital title you can use the IARC system for age rating for no fee. All that’s left is the cost of acquiring development hardware which you can find out about inside of the portal.

  6. Can I use this portal to release a physical product or is this just for digital titles?

    Yes, this is Nintendo’s one and only developer program, if you’re interested in retail publishing then you’re in the right place too.

  7. Can I work from home?

    Yes, we accept home offices, you don’t need a business address.

  8. How do I obtain Unity for New Nintendo 3DS?

    After registering for the portal, the Unity middleware can be downloaded from the website free of charge, see Getting Started within the portal for more information on Unity for New Nintendo 3DS.


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