You were directed to this page because:

  • You want to gain access to the Nintendo Developer Portal (NDP) for your company, and
  • Your company already has access to OMAS / NDID (Nintendo Developer ID). (NDP relies on NDID for authentication).
  • You hold the Company Admin role in NDID. 

(If your company does not yet have access to NDID, the following does not apply; please visit the register page instead). Here is the information you will need have on hand in order to complete the re-registration process:

  1. Identify who will act as the Company Administrator on NDP.

              The NDP Company Admin is able to create additional NDP accounts for users within your company, and assign which Nintendo platforms each user may access. You may also designate additional NDP Company Admins. For now, simply identify one Company Admin who will complete the re-registration process. Note that the Company Admin roles are linked, meaning that someone who is a Company Admin in NDID will also be a Company Admin in NDP, and vice versa. While the roles are linked, you may choose to designate different individuals to administer NDP and OMAS / NDID. If you wish to designate a different person to act as the NDP Company Admin, please create their NDID now, make them a Company Admin, and then direct them to this page to complete the re-registration process. 

  2. Identify the Agreement Approver who will accept the Global NDA. You'll need their full name, job title, email address, and their NDID. (If they do not yet have an NDID, please create an NDID for the Agreement Approver.) 

              An Agreement Approver is someone who is authorized to enter into legal agreements with Nintendo on behalf of your Company.

  3. Identify the Main Contact person for your Company. You'll need their full name, job title, and email address as well.
  4. Identify your Company's Legal Address.

Here are the steps for the Company Administrator:

  1. If the person who will be the NDP Company Administrator does not already have an NDID or is not an NDID Company Administrator, please ask the NDID Company Administrator to create an NDID for you with the Company Administrator role.
  2. Ask the person who will be the NDP Company Administrator to Sign In.
  3. Select ADMIN > Company Information> Request Legal Address Changes
  4. Enter your Company's Legal Address and then click Submit.
  5. Select ADMIN > Company Information> Request Main Contact Changes
  6. Enter the Main Contact's information and then click Submit.
  7. Select ADMIN > Agreement Approvers > Request Agreement Approver Changes
  8. Select [Add] and enter the Agreement Approver's information and then click Submit.
  9. Sign out.

Here are the steps for the Agreement Approver:

  1. WAIT. You won't be able to do anything further until Nintendo acknowledges the Legal Address, Main Contact, and Agreement Approver changes submitted by the Company Admin. The website will seem broken if you try to do anything further. We're not kidding. WAIT.
  2. Wait for email from Nintendo directing you to the link to accept the Global NDA.
  3. Sign In to NDP to accept the Global NDA.

Please contact if you have any questions about the re-registration process.